A Few Rules to Live By

1)      Live in a way you could be proud of.  When you are old and thinking back on your life you can enjoy it a second time.

2)      Care more about others than you do about yourself.  The kind of people you want to be around will respond in kind.

3)      Exercise every day.  It doesn't matter if you love to run or play tennis.  Just remember that as soon as you stop exercising your body goes into decline and your mind is not far behind.  Stay active.

4)      The reverse is true.   Exercise your mind as well.  Do something mentally challenging every day.

5)      You are what you eat.  Eat healthy foods and you will be healthy, especially if you follow the last two rules also.

6)      Perform a random act of kindness every day.  Do something nice for someone every day, preferably someone you don't know or wouldn't expect anything back from.  Seek out opportunities for kindness.

7)      You may not believe in Karma as a religious belief, but there is truth in the statement that good things happen to people who do good things.  Call it divine.  Call it Karma.  It doesn't matter.  The idea is the same.  Treat others the way you would want to be treated.

1)      "The bold don't live forever, but the timid don't live at all" (Marco Polo).  Follow your dreams.  Dream like you will live forever.  Live like you will die tomorrow.

2)      "Fall seven times, stand up eight" (Japanese proverb).  Never give up on your dreams.

3)      The only thing more important than your dreams are your children's dreams.  Act accordingly.  They will be around long after you are gone and you will experience a great deal of joy if they realize their dreams, as will they.  After all, you care more about them than yourself.

4)      "How could I judge the scoundrels of the world, being such a scoundrel myself."  (Gandhi).  Show tolerance toward the shortcomings of those around you.  Hope that they will do the same.

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Copyright 2011 by Frank Norris.