For Some of Us Running is NOT "Optional"

By Bruce Wilk, P.T., O.C.S

Breathing, eating, sleeping, and running. For 4.1 million of us, running is a necessity. It's not a hobby, it's what we do. And I'm not just talking about the 1.3 million runners who participated in races last year. I'm also talking about the 2.8 million runners that did not. Running is not just a sport; it is a key function of everyday life.

Numerous jobs all over the country require physical strength, endurance, and the capability to run. The ability to run is often parallel with one's ability to perform their job and provide for their family. The various branches of the United States Military each have a specific physical abilities test that includes minimal running distance and time requirements for enrollment, maintenance, and promotion. City and county professions, such as law enforcement and waterfront lifeguards, have specific fitness objectives to include running. These minimal running criteria are often set as a standard to ensure that an individual is able to adequately perform specific job duties in order to protect both the public and themselves.

Children in school are required to run. Almost every school with a physical education curriculum includes some running either alone or within another sport. The Presidential Fitness Challenge, adopted by many physical education programs across the country, requires students to complete a run. With so many of us running, injuries are to be expected. For many, a running injury could be detrimental in one's ability to perform their job. Therefore, it is imperative that all runners maintain proper training habits, make educated equipment choices, and practice proper technique.

To run or not to run? For many, there is no question. "True runners" make time to run; it's part of our daily routine. Running is a lifestyle. It's not a choice, not a decision, and not an option.

Healthy running,

Bruce R. Wilk, P.T., O.C.S.,

Orthopedic Rehabilitation Specialists

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