Rave Run - Cocoa Beach

Running_On_BeachCocoa Beach is one of the most famous beaches in the world.  This shot was actually taken near Jetty Park in Cape Canaveral, a couple of miles north, but we have many miles of beaches perfect for running.  Just stay on the dark sand, which is hard packed from the last high tide and the footing is great.  There is nothing better than a sunrise on the east coast of Florida, especially at "The World's Most Famous Beach".

Whether you jog a mile or run an "easy ten" as Pre would say, our beaches offer a great place to enjoy a little bit of quiet time, especially if you hit the beach at either sunrise or sunset, when the air is pleasant and the view is gorgeous.  (Well, there are great views at other times, but the sun is a little hot except in winter if you don't avoid the heat of the day).

Cocoa Beach, a great place to run!

Second Entry: Space Coast Marathon and the "River Road".  Every weekend morning about a hundred runners and bikers head for the "River Road" in Cocoa.  This is a narrow winding road that goes through miles of residential areas along the Indian River.  It offers relatively low traffic, lots of shade, and beautiful views across the river of both the sunrise and the Kennedy Space Center.  The houses range from "Oh, that's nice" to "OMG, someone has way too much disposable income".  The road twists and turns and includes several gentle hills, which is unusual for the east coast of Florida, which most readers will know is a pancake.  We have enjoyed a few mornings there ourselves.  By the way, this route is the course of the Space Coast Marathon and Half Marathon, which is run the last Sunday every November.  If you only make it here once a year, the Space Coast Marathon or Half Marathon is your chance.

Notice that both pictures are at sunrise.  Anyone that runs in Florida, especially in the summer, knows that is a great time to run.  It also offers a beautiful view.